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Fox Proframe Full Face MTB Helmet Review [2022]

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fox proframe helmet

With the rapid progression of enduro and downhill biking, the enduro-oriented helmet category took a step forward. It introduced full-face helmets with lightweight and advanced features that allow riders to push faster and harder on trails than they ever could.

If you’re also looking for a lightweight full-face helmet that will allow you to slay your challenging enduro rides or gravity-hungry down-hilling drives with comfort and confidence, then Fox Proframe Helmet is an amazing option for you.

Fox Racing manufacturers have their own version of full-face MTB helmets, and Proframe is one of them. This enduro helmet uses a lot of technologies to combine open-faced breathability with full-face coverage.

The Proframe has been designed to make riders more relaxed on the ascent by providing maximum confidence on the descents with new enduro racers and more challenging trail riders in mind.

Fox Proframe Helmet Features Review

Fox Racing Proframe helmet is equipped with many high-end features. Let’s explore them in more detail!

Construction and Safety Features

Fox Racing Proframe is a full-face MTB helmet constructed with in-mold technology that fuses the hard polycarbonate outer shell with the shock-absorbing internal liner to make this helmet lightweight yet durable.

The helmet has a dual-density Varizorb EPS inner foam, which is an impact-absorbing system that works by using cone-shaped inserts of variable densities to ensure improved protection by spreading forces of impact across a wider area. This liner is deep enough to provide a secure fit and can efficiently handle low and high-speed impacts.

A MIPS insert adds an extra layer of protection against rotational impacts by minimizing energy transfer to the skull at both low and high speeds in case of an angled impact.

The key feature of the Proframe helmet’s hybrid performance is the impact-absorbing Fox integrated chin bar. With its patentable unit, this chin bar is fixed to the main helmet and provides downhill protection while maintaining excellent airflow, breathability, and a complete face shield against aggressive descents.

Safety ratings are essential for MTB helmets. Fox Proframe obtained ASTM certification, which is a requirement for downhill riding, to ensure helmet protection and reliability.


MTB riding, whether downhill or uphill, requires a well-ventilated helmet. To avoid dehydration and heat strokes, it’s critical to keep your head cool while riding, particularly on hot summer days.

For both ascending and descending rides, the Fox Proframe helmet offers excellent ventilation. It has 24 big bore vents with 15 intake vents and 9 exhaust ports. In addition, the chin bar region is extremely well ventilated, with a wide mouth opening that also allows you to drink water or eat a snack through it.

Fit and Adjustability

The Fox Proframe helmet is lined with adjustable paddings that allow you to customize the fit according to your head size and shape.

Fox Proframe brow pads, collar rolls, and cheek pads come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your head shape. You may need to experiment with different pad thicknesses at first to get the right fit, but once set up, the process of getting the helmet on and off your head becomes much faster.

The easy-to-adjust chin strap with Magnetic Fidlock SNAP helmet buckle allows for quick and safe helmet adjustability even while wearing gloves.


The stable and fixed position of the visor is ideal for allowing maximum airflow into the large drill vents. In addition, it will shield your eyes from sun glare, raindrops, and hanging branches, which is especially useful when riding through the woods. The visor is also designed to break off in the event of a collision, preventing impact forces from being transmitted to your neck.

The right placement of the visor will not block your vision. However, the downside of this fixed visor is the lack of adjustments. It would be difficult to position your visor to make space for goggles underneath. Except for this problem, the visor fulfills all other requirements.


The Proframe placed among the world’s lightest full-face helmets, weighing just 750 grams in size medium. It offers MIPS security along with the shock-absorbing Varizorb liner, comfortable padding, and excellent ventilation.

Despite all of its safety features, multiple materials, and above-average depth, there is no extra weight or fuss to bother you. So, even if you have been out for a multi-hour riding trip, you won’t feel this helmet as a burden on your head.


Fox Proframe is a highly breathable and comfortable full-face helmet. Its reusable and washable antimicrobial inner lining makes this helmet easy to maintain, as do the 24 large bore vents that also provide maximum ventilation.

Its built-in chin bar and hard-in-mold construction offer the best protection and coverage for your skull. With the open-face breathability feature of the chin bar, you won’t feel confined while wearing this Proframe full-face helmet.

On top of that, the fixed visor protects your face from harmful UV rays, raindrops, and other external elements.

As a full-face helmet, this one offers a lot of padding around the edges and your ears are completely hidden. However, while wearing the Fox Proframe helmet, even though your ears are closed, your hearing remains almost unaffected. As a result, you won’t have to take off your helmets to speak to your mates, and you’ll still be able to hear the sounds of nature.

The only concern is a narrow brow pad that fails to fully cover the underlying MIPS layer, which can easily cause discomfort if the helmet is not properly placed. In addition, the vents are not mesh-covered, allowing unwanted or stinging wildlife to penetrate the helmet.

Overall, the Fox Proframe helmet is more breathable and lighter than most full-face helmets, resulting in a more comfortable and airy trail and gravity riding experience.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Shell: Polycarbonate material

  • Construction: Lightweight In-Mold

  •  Inner Liner: Dual-Density Varizorb EPS Foam

  •  Impact Safety: MIPS Technology

  • Chin Bar: Integrated Impact Absorbing Chin Bar

  • Ventilation System: 24 Vents

  • Visor: Breakaway Visor

  •  Buckle Type: Magnetic Fidlock Closure System

What We Like:

  • MIPS-equipped
  • Lightweight
  • Well-ventilated
  • Easy-to-use Magnetic Fidlock Buckle
  • ASTM DH-certified

What We Don’t Like:

  • Non-adjustable visor
  • Mesh is absent on vents
  • Minimal brow padding

Final Thoughts

The Fox Proframe helmet is built to combine safety and breathability effortlessly, creating a new age of confidence-inspiring efficiency for both Mountain and Enduro bike riders. This helmet provides more shell coverage, greater ventilation, and adjustable padding than other enduro-oriented full-face helmets, allowing you to comfortably ride all day.

If you’re an enduro rider looking for a full-face mountain bike helmet with plenty of ventilation and a low profile, the Fox Proframe MIPS helmet is the one for you.

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