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8 Best German Motorcycle Helmets in 2023

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Motorcycle helmets serve as an outlet by which bikers can reveal their personalities. No doubt, when you enter a restaurant with a cool helmet under your arm, many eyes admire your style. But, despite its refreshing looks, the helmet you buy must be able to protect your head.

One of the most popular styles of helmets among motorcyclists is the German motorcycle helmet. At first, the German soldiers embraced such helmets during World War II because they possessed the sturdiness to protect the warriors on and off the battlefield.

Even after the war, these helmets continue manufacturing and many bikers use them on daily voyages in this era too to stand out in the crowd.

These popular motorcycle helmets were once only available as a novelty item, but today you can easily get the D.O.T. approved German motorcycle helmets for use while riding a bike.

Many modern German-style motorcycle helmets with innovative designs and functions are available in the market to ensure that riders feel protected and safe while wearing them. Its robust construction protects the head of the rider from bumps and crashes without compromising on comfort.

Also, a German helmet doesn’t conceal your face, offering a great alternative for riders who don’t enjoy a modular or closed-face helmet’s stifling moist feeling. This helmet weighs less than other helmets, making it easier for a rider to wear it on long rides, as it considerably reduces stress on the neck. Thus, many bikers truly love these German-style motorcycle helmets.

In this article, we have selected some of the best German motorcycle helmets, equipped with plenty of modern functions and features to aid you in your quest.

Best German Motorcycle Helmets

Without any further ado, let’s begin to look at the reviews of some of the best German motorcycle helmets available today.

1. Bell Rogue Half Helmet

Premium Choice – Most Size-Inclusive

Bell Rogue German Style half helmet is known to provide quality, comfort, and modern-day protection all at once, without compromising on the looks.

The lightweight carbon composite construction of the helmet’s outer shell offers great impact protection. The Flex energy management interior liner further enhances helmet safety. This liner is made from genuine leather and provides a comfortable fit and feel.

The Bell Solid Rouge helmet also contains an aggressive muzzle that is nicely locked into the helmet and protects your mouth and nose from wind, insects, and all kinds of pollutants. In case you hit the road, this muzzle can also give protection against road rashes but offers minimal protection against impacts.

In addition, the muzzle contains a Fidlock Magnetic system for easy muzzle connection and removal from the helmet. The lining of the muzzle is also removable and washable which makes it extremely convenient.

The finest grade stainless steel D-rings ensure that the helmet will remain intact for a long time.

The Bell Rogue helmet also has speaker pockets. Now you can easily place communication gadgets in your helmet to enhance your riding experience.

  • DOT approved
  • Fiberglass Composite Shell
  • Genuine Leather Interior
  • Integrated Speaker Pockets
  • Muzzle with Fidlock Magnetic Technology
  • 3 shell and 3 EPS sizes
  • High Price

Our Take

Bell Rogue Half Shell Helmet meets and exceeds the DOT safety standards and offers 3 shell sizes and 3 EPS sizes to accommodate riders of all head sizes. You should look at the Bell Rogue helmet if you truly want a modern German motorcycle helmet with a contemporary military appearance.

2. Daytona Carbon Fiber Novelty Helmet

Our Novelty Pick – Best Fitment

Another German Style Novelty helmet from Daytona, but this helmet is classier and provides an ultra-low-profile appearance than any other Daytona helmet.

The entire shell of this helmet is constructed with genuine Carbon Fiber, resulting in a featherlight feel on your head.

The helmet offers a custom-form interior along with seams that are stitched outside and prevent face twisting. The moisture-wicking textile liner keeps your head cool and sweat-free.

Single-finger quick release makes it simple to get the helmet on and off. The forward positioned Nylon Y-Strap retention system comes with a sliding adjuster to allow precise modifications for a personalised fit.

Furthermore, the tubular nickel-coated steel rivets look great on the helmet and do not interfere with your ears.

by amazon
  • Genuine Carbon Fibre Shell
  • Moisture-Wicking Interior
  • Nylon Y-Strap Retention System
  • Quick Release lock
  • No Facial Chafing
  • DOT approved
  • It gives a mushroom-head appearance

Our Take

Daytona offers a free cloth drawstring bag and a mesh bandanna in a head wrap style with this helmet. But this Daytona helmet is a novelty item and is not approved under DOT safety standards.

3. Vega Half Size Warrior Motorcycle Helmet

Value Choice – Most Comfortable

Vega Helmets brand was founded in 1994 to provide the most desired quality headgears. Their small and lightweight Vega half helmet is designed to provide ease and comfort with its sophisticated technologies.

This DOT-certified Warrior helmet features a new dialling adjustment system to provide optimum fit. This rapid-release mechanism allows you to take the helmet off whenever you want with just a single click.

The Wick-Dri Liner system is installed to remove moisture and sweat while the channelled EPS contributes to increased ventilation. This high-density EPS liner also adds to safety by absorbing impact and preventing it from reaching the rider’s head.

A drop-down sunscreen is fixed in the helmet to protect your eyes from the sun, bugs, debris, and rain so that you can have a fun riding experience in any weather. Moreover, the makers attempt to make it seem comfy by retaining the helmet light and compact overall.

by amazon
  • Low Profile Helmet
  • DOT Approved
  • Moisture Wicking Wick-Dry Liner
  • Drop Down Sun Shield
  • 5-Year warranty
  • Straps Should be More Comfortable

Our Take

The Vega German Style motorcycle helmet is designed for those riders who are searching for a comfortable and elegant helmet that provides lightweight coverage and cool convenience, within the budget. Plus, its 5-year warranty makes this helmet worth purchasing.

4. Daytona Low Profile German Novelty Helmet

Unique Choice – Easy to Maintain

Daytona is a well-known brand of protective and durable helmets. It makes its low-profile classic German Novelty motorcycle helmet by using the finest polycarbonate material.

The DOT-approved helmet is lined with a custom-formed moisture-wicking interior that will keep your head cool and comfortable.

The helmet is built to maintain a low profile and avoid a mushroom-like appearance without interfering with your ears.

The Nylon Y-strap comes with a sliding adjuster that can be adjusted easily to get the precise fit. With its quick-release technology, you can take it on or off without any problems using a simple one-finger lever release.

Furthermore, the customised interior design provides a comfortable and secure fit.

by amazon
  • Low Profile Helmet
  • Nylon Y-Strap with Sliding Adjuster
  • Moisture Wicking Liner
  • Free Headwrap and Helmet Bag
  • DOT approved
  • It may not fit narrow heads

Our Take

This Daytona Novelty German-style motorcycle Helmet comes with a bag to keep the helmet properly when not in use, thereby extending its whole lifespan. You will also get a stylish mesh bandana, to keep the fashion up.

5. TORC T55 Spec-Op Motorcycle Half Helmet

Best Overall – Best for Daily Wear

Torc constructed its Spec-Op in a German-style motorcycle helmet with an outer dual half-shell that is strong enough to absorb the high energy impacts. The interior layers have shock-absorbing protective foam that also improves the safety of the helmet.

The Spec-Op helmet is designed to avoid the mushroom head appearance on a rider’s head, which is the problem you’ll find with most German helmets. With this helmet, you do not have to worry about the terrible mushroom appearance because this helmet surrounds your head well to provide a relatively low-profile appearance.

The helmet also features a quick, retractable drop-down dark sun visor that is optically correct and gives great protection against the sun’s damaging UV rays. It also prevents blurred vision problems caused by direct sunlight striking the eyes. It helps the rider to see the obstacles on the way clearly when the sun is high in the sky. It also protects your eyes from rain, wind, and debris so you can ride safely in any weather condition.

This helmet has an intermediate oval head shape and the cheek padding is also adjustable and removable to allow the rider to get a snug fit.

by amazon
  • Low Profile Helmet
  • Dual Half Shell
  • Drop Down Sun Visor
  • DOT Approved
  • Adjustable Cheek Pads
  • The sun visor might affect the view at night

Our Take

The helmet comes with two outer shell sizes to provide the perfect fit for all riders. Due to its optically correct sun visor, which gives protection from the wind and UV rays, this helmet is ideal to wear regularly.

6. Excelsior Int Chrome German Novelty Skull Cap

Stylish Choice – Best Protection

The Excelsior Chrome German Novelty Cap is made with an exterior hard surface fibreglass shell to protect the rider’s head in a collision.

The safety is further increased with the Nylon Y-strap retention system and an adjustable chin strap that allows the helmet to remain suitably and comfortably placed on your head.

The steel-riveted strap design ensures that the helmet does not break off or move while riding and the Y retention strap has sufficient room to avoid pinching your ears.

The helmet is completely packed with cushioned lining from the inside which makes it easier to wear and provides comfort even if you have long rides to go on.

In addition, the expanded rim ensures that the helmet sits properly on your forehead.

by amazon
  • Fiberglass Shell
  • Cushioned Liner
  • Nylon Y-Strap Retention System
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Not DOT Approved

Our Take

The intricate graphics of this Excelsior Int novelty helmet provides a fresh appearance to that old German motorcycle helmets. But this novelty item is not a safety headgear. Although it has a strong fiberglass shell, it is not approved by the Department of Transportation.

Nevertheless, if you want the traditional German-style helmet, with some contemporary touches like skull decorations, you will love this affordable Excelsior Int novelty helmet.

7. HTTMT German Motorcycle Half Face Helmet

Best Overall – Most Light Weight

The HTTMT German Motorcycle helmet is one of those half helmets that comes with goggles. Its lightweight shell is strong and durable while also having an ultraviolet protective finish that protects the helmet from harsh sunlight.

The inner leather material and soft cushioning provide a soft and comfortable feel for riding all day long.

Moreover, you are not provided with just a random pair of goggles with this helmet. This helmet comes with special goggles that have optical-quality scratch-resistant lenses to not only provide a clear view but also protect your eyes from wind, dust, and bugs, especially when you drive through an area with plenty of pollution or sand in the air.

The helmet features a double D-ring of stainless steel for a safe fit and you will be pleased to know that this helmet fulfils D.O.T. safety standards successfully.

by amazon
  • DOT-Certified
  • Goggles with Scratch-Resistant Lenses
  • Inner Foam Cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • Double D-Ring Strap
  • Goggles are available in one size only

Our Take

This HTTMT German Motorcycle Half helmet is great for a badass look. Its supreme quality goggles will add to the comfort, safety, and style. The only drawback is that the goggles are available in only one size so they might not fit all. Thus, the “Try before Buy” advice can be applied here.

8. AHR RUN-G Open Face German Style Helmet

All-Rounder Choice – Best Ventilation

AHR RUN-G German Style Helmet’s outer shell is constructed from ABS material of excellent quality. It also features a high-density EPS lining which acts as a buffer layer to absorb all effects of impact and protects your head in a crash. This EPS lining is also well ventilated.

The helmet comes with an adjustable quick-release buckle that allows easy and quick on and off. The D-Ring straps can be adjusted to get a customized fit and it also helps to keep your head in a suitable and comfortable position.

Although the thick padding inside the helmet provides comfort and adds to the helmet’s safety function, it causes the helmet to sit higher on the rider’s head which may give the rider a slight mushroom appearance. But this feature will protect your skull if you get in an accident.

This helmet fulfills the D.O.T. safety requirements. Also, the helmet is lightweight so there’s no extra pressure on your neck.

Moreover, the package includes a helmet bag as well, so you can keep your helmet safely when you are not using it.  

by amazon
  • DOT Certified
  • Adjustable Quick Release Buckle
  • High-density EPS liner
  • D-Ring Strap
  • Not a low-profile helmet

Our Take

This AHR Run-G Open face helmet portrays a classic vintage style but many people say that this helmet sits too high on smaller heads and gives a mushroom appearance to the rider’s head.

How to Choose the Best German Motorcycle Helmet?

To figure out which German helmet will work best for you, you need to look for some key features which we have described below.

Shell Material

Like most other helmets, modern German motorcycle helmets are usually made of either strong poly-carbonate material or from extremely durable carbon fiber material, which is a much more grounded substance while having a resilience like no other.

Helmets constructed from any of these materials provide sufficient protection without increasing the overall weight of the helmet.

Safety Certifications

The German motorcycle helmet is the least safe compared to other types of helmets. These half-helmet designs only protect your head and leave your face unarmed.

The best way to choose a German motorbike helmet is by finding one which passes DOT standards. This certification implies that the helmet has been tested and contains required safety measures, such as a liner, strap, and strong shell material.

However, not all German helmets are DOT authorised and you can’t expect a non-DOT-approved German helmet to have the appropriate durability to protect your head against collisions.

These helmets are never as strong as you expected unless they are DOT certified. Because, to be approved by DOT, a helmet goes through a rigorous safety test to verify that the helmet will protect your head.

Look for a safety certificate or DOT sticker when purchasing a DOT-certified helmet.


When it comes to headgear, comfort matters the most. One of the reasons, the German motorcycle helmets are popular among riders is the comfort they provide.

Most German helmets have high-quality inner cushioning, which is composed of moisture-wicking, soft and comfortable liner. They are open-face helmets, so the rider will never experience any suffocation like in a full-face helmet. Some German helmets also come with a set of goggles to provide an even better riding experience.

When you opt to choose a helmet with internal padding or lining, make sure that it is detachable and washable to prevent bad odor or skin irritation.


Size is the most important aspect to take consider when buying a helmet because a helmet can only provide comfort and protect you from impact if it is in the correct size and fits perfectly on your head.

The German motorcycle helmets come in various head shapes and sizes. To determine the right size of your head, you have to measure the circumference of your head first.

For this, take a cloth measuring tape and wrap it around your head about one inch above your eyebrows on the front to the biggest point at the back of your head. Note down the reading and don’t forget to see the size charts before purchasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are German motorcycle helmets safe to wear?

German Motorcycle helmets that fulfill the DOT safety standards and are certified by the Department of Transportation are safe to wear for motorcycle riding.

What do you mean by Novelty Helmet?

Many German-style helmets are novelty items, which means that they are created for looks and not for functionality. They look like normal motorcycle helmets but they do not meet the federal DOT safety standards. It should be clearly mentioned that they are not for safety, they are just for style. You cannot wear novelty helmets to ride a bike on the highway as they are illegal to wear in some states where DOT-approved motorcycle helmets are required by law.

Are German motorcycle helmets legal to wear?

Many countries mandate some kind of head protection when riding a motorbike. A German-style motorcycle half-helmet must have to be legally approved by the transport department, Snell, or any other security agency.

German-style helmets that are created as a novelty item are not DOT approved, nor are they legally accepted for highway riding.

On the other hand, DOT-approved German helmets are safe and legal to wear while riding on highways.

Final Words

German motorcycle helmets began as a fad to evoke the German military’s memory and style, which inspired many modern motorcycle riders. Despite many people complaining about how dangerous these items were in the past, at present many of these German Style motorcycle helmets are certified by the Department of Transportation and are as safe to use as any other helmet.

Of course, other German motorcycle helmets such as novelty items do not provide the required protection, so the rider should conduct extensive research on his own to make sure that the respective helmet meets his or her needs.

Although they are not the safest helmets on the market, they offer a good balance of comfort, security, and features that motorcyclists expect from a modern helmet.

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