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HJC I90 Helmet Review [2023]

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HJC I90 Helmet Review

Are you in search of a modular helmet that keeps you ventilated but isn’t noisy on the freeway? One that allows you to stream your favorite music or listen to podcasts during long distances? Then, we might have just scored you a perfect win! Here is a review on HJC’s I90 helmet:

HJC I90 Helmet Features Review

Marketed as a simple touring helmet, the HJC I90 modular combines durability, strength, aerodynamics and optical clarity to provide the perfect add-on to a long-distance rider’s gear. Did we mention it is under $250?! Here is a complete breakdown of the specs and features you’ll get in the helmet:

Shell Material and Safety

Constructed in a lightweight polycarbonate composite shell, the HJC I90 modular helmet is durable against impacts and well-equipped to prevent head and neck fatigue. Also, the shell is designed in a colourful, high-quality and eye-catching scheme so one can stand out of the crowd.

The interior is nothing short of safe either, with an antibacterial and moisture-wicking SuperCool liner, every ride is comfortable, airy and sweat-free. With the addition of the large-sized cheek pads that fit snug around the sides of the face, this helmet is a perfect pick for beginners as well as experienced motorists.

The D-ring chin strap closure and the central one-touch locking system rounds up the safety of the helmet and adds convenience in securing and removing the helmet on top of the head, allowing one to travel safe, secure and smooth. 

Size and Fit

The HJC I90 helmet is shaped as an intermediate oval meaning it is slightly thinner than it is long which is the most common head shape so it will fit snug around the cheeks of most riders and sit proportionally without forming any ‘hot spots’ around the temple, neck and top of the head.

Also, it comes in three different outer shell sizes where one shell fits a head size between XS and S, the second shell fits a head size between M and L and the third shell is designed to fit a head size range between XL and 3XL – 5XL.

As the cheek pads and interior liner is removable, washable and replaceable, the size and fitting can be adjusted and customised to every head. Also, because the I90 is a modular helmet, removing the chin bar will lighten its weight and allow riders to adjust it according to their head. 


The HJC I90 modular helmet comes with an enlarged eyeport maximising visibility range in the front and the peripheral. Also, the face shield is Pinlock-ready ensuring a secure ride and an internal drop-down sun visor is also included to protect against the harsh sun rays. That isn’t all, convenience is multiplied by the use of RapidFire system which makes replacing the shield quick and easy.


Along with the SuperCool interior liner that wicks away moisture, the HJC I90 is fitted with the ACS Advanced Channelling ventilation system which directs the flow of cool inside through seven intake vents and then circulates hot air out through two rear exhaust vents, preventing the helmet from feeling ‘stuffy’.

Communication System

The HJC I90 helmet is fitted with speaker pockets near the ears which can be adjusted up to three positions and are compatible with SMART HJC 10B and 20B Bluetooth communicators; allowing riders the freedom to tour while listening to their favourite music, podcast or be on call with a friend.

Sound Quality

Just like every other feature of the HJC I90 modular helmet, the sound quality when it is fitted with compatible speakers and Bluetooth devices is unmatched. The noise-reducing elements and the advanced ventilation system combine to create an optimal balance between airflow and wind noise.

Noise Control

HJC I90 modular helmet reduces wind noise through enlarged cheek pads that cover the bottom of the head as well ensuring a secure fit and less sounds. This is especially helpful when riding in the open-face style with Bluetooth fitted in. With visors closed, one can enjoy a safe and quiet ride.


The HJC I90 helmet weighs 3.79 lbs, a good average for a modular helmet especially when it is made of polycarbonate which is a heavier choice of material. With the chin bar removed, the helmet lightens up to 3 lbs and does not add weight when speakers or a Bluetooth device is added.

Comfort Level

HJC I90 helmet is made up of lightweight polycarbonate with an interior that keeps the head dry and cheek pads that sit flush around the side of the head, complete with Bluetooth and eyeglass compatibility which help it top all comfort and convenience levels.


HJC I90 modular helmet costs $209 and around $219 for the colourful options with graphic designs and larger sizes. For a modular helmet that is Bluetooth-compatible, well-ventilated and lightweight, this is one of the best deals one can get whether they are a beginner, an experienced motorist or long-distance rider.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Outer Shell:  Polycarbonate Composite shell

  • Safety Certification: DOT and ECE approved

  • Inner Lining: SuperCool moisture-wicking interior liner

  • Communication System: Adjustable speaker pockets

  • Shape: Intermediate Oval

  • UV Protection: Internal drop-down sun visor

  • Visor: Pinlock-ready

  • Style: Modular

  • Eyeglass Compatible: Yes

  • Retention System: D-ring chin strap closure

  • Weight: 3 lbs 2oz

  • Warranty: 5 years

  • Wide eyeport
  • Unobstructed field of vision
  • Sun visor included
  • Affordable
  • Bluetooth-compatible 
  • Homologated
  • Lightweight
  • Pinlock-ready visor
  • Moisture-wicking liner
  • Fits most head shapes

What We Don’t Like

  • Gloves hinder ease of adjustments

Final Thoughts

The HJC I90 helmet is an all-rounder when it comes to modular helmets. It balances the flow of air and reduces noise levels, can be comfortably secured or removed from the head and is compatible with first-class Bluetooth comm systems, all in under $250. 

The HJC I90 modular helmet is a perfect pick for riders that live in tropical climates and those looking for an affordable and convenient daily wear helmet to commute to work.

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