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509 Altitude 2.0 Helmet Review [2023]

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509 Altitude 2.0 Helmet Review

The leading 509 Altitude Series just got hooked up with a second installment and it might just be the perfect pick for motorists looking for a helmet that is well-ventilated, ultra-lightweight, durable against impact and innovative. Let’s go through the features and specs of the helmet so you can zero in on it with full confidence.

509 Altitude 2.0 Helmet Features Review

The 509 Altitude 2.0 helmet is one of the coolest looking helmets available on the market, it is colourful and fits the aesthetics of every rider but there is more to it than meets the eye and we are here to tell you all about it. Here’s an in-depth review of the all-new 2.0 helmet by 509.

Shell Material and Safety

Constructed with a hand lay-up Carbon Fibre composite outer shell, the 509 Altitude 2.0 full-face helmet is one of the lightest weighing helmets available. The best part is that it isn’t any less durable than other helmets available on the market, in fact, it is safer and fits true to size.

The interior is lined with a multi-density EPS foam that keeps the airflow in check and absorbs all impact energies preventing any injuries to the head and neck. It is a two-piece design (yet to be seen in any other helmet) which distributes weight optimally around the whole head and does not create hot spots at the back or the temple area.

The cheek padding is removable, washable and replaceable. It is lined with a moisture-wicking fabric so when it sits flush against the cheeks, sweat won’t build up and fog up the visor or make the helmet feel ‘stuffy’.

509 reels in extra points in safety for the addition of an extra layer of foam, inside the Altitude 2.0 helmet, that sits on top of one’s head to enhance impact protection. 

The chin strap is engineered with the Fidlock mechanism meaning it is buckled using magnets and released via a pull tab, making the job a secure one-handed operation. 

Size and Fit

The 509 Altitude 2.0 full-face helmet comes in three outer shell sizes which fit heads between XS and 4XL, the inclusive range allows one to find a size that fits proportionally around their head and does not lift or drag with the wind at high speeds. This is especially important in full-face helmets as the right fitting can improve safety levels by 5 times. The stylish 2.0 helmet is also true to size, a convenient feature for beginners and senior motorists.


509 maximises visibility in their Altitude 2.0 helmet by installing a wide injection-moulded eyeport that provides a larger and unobstructed vertical and lateral view so one can change lanes, make head-checks and see any obstacles in the way clearly.


Ventilation on the 509 Altitude 2.0 full-face helmet may just be its top-selling feature. It is maximised through intake vents in the chin bar, on the top of the head and above the eyeport which direct cool air inside the helmet, circulate it through channels in the EPS foam and then the warm air is expelled through four rear exhaust vents. All vents are operable via an on/off shutter closure using gloves as well.

The second-generation 2.0 helmet works well in the winters as well, the innovative Breath Box addition eliminates the use of a balaclava to keep warm, fits snug at the chin bar and can be removed for improved airflow.

Communication System

The Altitude 2.0 helmet includes speaker pockets or cutouts at the sides so snowmobile riders, dirt bike motorists and long-distance travellers can easily install a comm system and enjoy their commute to the fullest.

Noise Control

The ventilation mechanism also facilitates creating an equilibrium between unwanted noise levels and airflow circulation. The 509 Altitude 2.0 helmet is relatively quiet and does not disturb the comm system with wind whistles. With the visor closed, it may seem whisper-quiet to some.


The 509 Altitude 2.0 helmet weighs only 2.6 lbs which is shockingly ultra-lightweight, especially for a full-face helmet that has multiple vents installed, can fit a comm system and a Go-Pro as well as a Breath Box with 509 goggles.

Comfort Level

509 has stepped up their game in the Altitude 2.0 helmet and created a fully-functioning, durable and comfortable helmet, making it best for rides up in the snowy mountains, tough terrains or even at a racing track. 


The 509 Altitude 2.0 helmet costs $399 which is slightly more than average but this may be due to the added Breath Box which, since it removes the need for a balaclava, is actually saving one a couple bucks down the road. For a Carbon Fibre full-face helmet, it is a pretty sweet deal.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Outer Shell: Hand Lay-Up Carbon Fibre Composite

  • Safety Certification: DOT and ECE 22.05 approved

  • Inner Lining: EPS foam, air-channelled two-piece design

  • Helmet Size: XS to 4XL size

  • Helmet Shape: Intermediate Oval

  • Visor: Wide Eyeport

  • Eyeglass Compatible: Yes, 509 Goggles compatible

  • Camera Mount: Yes, Go-Pro compatible

  • Special Feature: Pro-Series Breathbox

  • Retention System: Fidlock chinstrap strap closure

  • Weight: 2.6 lbs

  • Warranty: 5 years

  • Removable BreathBox
  • Glove-friendly mechanics
  • Magnetic strap closure
  • One-handed operation
  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Built-in camera mount
  • Air-channelled lining
  • Inclusive sizing
  • Durable carbon fibre shell

What We Don’t Like

  • The inner lining may wear out fast

Final Thoughts

The 509 Altitude 2.0 helmet is an underrated gear but is highly recommended by the few who use it and considering the innovative features it offers like the Breath Box and the convenience it provides to its users through the magnetic strap closure, built-in camera mount and wide eyeport; it needs to be picked up by more riders. Not to mention how lightweight it is, one feels like they’re wearing air on top of their head!

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