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Bell Broozer Helmet Review [2023]

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bell broozer helmet

There have been extensive launches of helmets, each better than the next, in the past few years. From addition of face shield, extra vents and breathable liners to innovative Bluetooth built-ins and impact safety technologies. 

Though creative construction designs help riders take on their dream trails with ease, all a motorcyclist really needs for a helmet to be worth their money is good impact safety technology, lightweight structure and amazing fitment. 

The Bell Broozer helmet combines all of the above in an aggressively black, streetfighter style, modular design allowing riders to speed through murky mountains, tough terrains and risky races with proper protection, a sleek look and get the best of both worlds.

Bell Broozer Helmet Features Review

Let’s have a look at an elaborated review of the Bell Broozer to make sure you are getting exactly what you need and deserve.

Shell Construction & Durability

Bell helmets have always pioneered incredible systems and mechanics to offer their riders the best even with simple, basic modular helmets like the Bell Broozer. 

The helmet is designed in an intermediate-oval shape allowing every size of head to fit comfortably without feeling constricted. The shell is constructed of a blend of thermoplastics (PC/ABS) that make the helmet rigid and impact proof. 

The addition of thermoplastics also makes the Broozer incredibly lightweight so riders do not feel closed up in a hard shell and enjoy their rides with full zeal.

Also, the modular helmet’s shell comes in six different sizes ranging between small and 2XL so every rider can get the best of both worlds looking great and feeling well protected inside. 

Safety Features

The Bell Broozer flaunts a dual certification on safety, holding exceptionally high ratings of DOT in US and ECE in Europe. In addition, the modular helmet is also compliant with the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218.

The dual visor system helps riders speed through sandy tracks protected against debris flyaways. Also, the one click tabs on the side remove the chin guard easily so riders can feel the breeze and breathe comfortably. 

The interior of the Bell Broozer is also well ventilated and padded for added safety, security and comfort.

Chin Structure

The winning touch on the Bell Broozer is definitely its dual homologation. The helmet can be configured into an open face design to feel the air during hot summer days and a full face structure on speed racing and adventure riding for a sleek, streetfighter look. 

The modular helmet comes with a fully removable chin guard and releases with a few clicks on the tabs given at the bottom and sides of the helmet. 

The chin guard on the Bell Broozer is also made of a blend of thermoplastics just like the shell, adding to its durability and security.

The Bell Broozer is held up by a metal micrometric fastener for the chin strap which adjusts the fit of the helmet according to the size of the rider’s head, making them feel protected and safe.

Fit and Adjustability

No matter how grand a helmet is, if it does not fit properly on one’s noggin it’s only going to collect dust on the shelves instead of the streets. Thankfully, Bell helmets have always been produced with major thought put into its construction and the fitment on the Broozer proves it. 

The modular helmet provides six different sizes to choose from which helps in visual optimisation and excellent protection against impacts. The chin strap and guard adjust with a few clicks on the side while the interior padding can be removed for extra breathability. Also, the cheek pads on the inside of the helmet gently press the rider’s cheeks in allowing extra safety against accidents and tumbles. 


The Bell Broozer completes their efficient construction of the helmet with a good internal air channel that includes a central chin vent and a top shell vent. Each can be regulated easily even with gloves on. The chin bar also has an open chin bar vent so an internal akr flow is always maintained. 

Though there’s no exhaust vent to let the air circulating from the vents exit out but the comfortable dual-density EPS lining in the helmet’s interior is completely removable and washable aiding in the practicality of the helmet. 


The polycarbonate or thermoplastic mix construction of the shell is another intelligent choice by Bell. PC/ABS shells increase the impact safety by 10 times without adding weight and making the helmet feel heavy. 

The Bell Broozer weighs only 4.69 pounds with the chin guard on. The dual homologation allows the weight to drop even further and though an open face helmet minimises protection levels, the added security measures hold the helmet tight against the rider’s noggin.


The modular helmet offers removable and washable dual-density EPS liners attached to its interior. Apart from that, the cheek and ear pads are secured by Velcro allowing riders to easily adjust the fit of their helmet for more room and add in bluetooth mechanics if needed. 

In addition, the EPS liner is furrowed which increases ventilation by circulating air over the skull and around the head. Riders are able to breathe free during their hottest rides while being protected. 

Additional Features

The Bell Broozer may not offer many advanced technologies but it is a definite improvement among the basic helmet designs. 

It features a built-in drop-down visor along with a dark tint, UV-protected integrated shield. The clear protective eye shield system is also removable and can be swapped with the tinted visor adding to the sleek look and protecting against the sun’s glare at the same time. 

The best benefit of the visor integration is that it does not lift up the helmet like standard designs and fits flush against the chinbar, sealing up without leaving pockets of air space. The visors slide up/down using small tabs given near the brow.

The dual visors on the Bell Broozer are also engineered with the NutraFog II system making the eye shields anti-fog and anti-scratch. 

Also, the modular helmet has eyewear pockets weaved in allowing it to be compatible with glasses with and without the chin guard on. 

Specifications at a Glance:

  • Shell: LG PC/ABS Shell

  • Construction: Lightweight Thermoplastic

  • Inner Material: Dual-Density EPS Liner

  • Impact Safety: Dual Safety Certification

  • Fit System: Three Shell Sizes Available

  • Certification: DOT FMVSS No. 218 and ECE Certified

  • Ventilation System: Adjustable Slider Vents On Chin Bar and Upper Shell

  • Interior Padding: Removable Ear Pads

  • Goggle Compatibility: Eyewear Arm Pockets In Interior Lining

  • Chin Strap: Padded Chin Strap with Metal Micrometric Fastener

What do we like most?

  • Excellent Design
  • Good Adjustability
  • Lightweight

What we don’t?

  • No rear exit vents

Final Thoughts

Bell has always been on top of their production game when it comes to motorbike helmets. Each design launch is an improvement of the previous and implements all rider’s needs and trends. 

Though the Bell Broozer may not be their most feature-laden helmet, its sleek structure and excellent fit with the removable chin bar addition make it one of their best transitional or modular helmets. 

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