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What To Wear As A Beginner Motorcycle Rider?

What To Wear As A Beginner Motorcycle Rider?

Learning to ride a motorcycle can be a lot of fun, but it involves a certain amount of risk as well.

There is a famous saying: “there are those who have crashed and those who will.”

Sooner or later, you’ll experience an unwanted collision with the pavement, either due to your own mistake or as a result of bad weather, poor road conditions, or another road user’s fault.

To reduce the danger as much as possible, you’ll need proper motorcycle gear. Even if this is your first ride, you have to wear a motorcycle safety helmet, gloves, sturdy ankle-covering boots, motorcycle pants, and a jacket to stay prepared for any unexpected event.


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First and foremost, you need a helmet to protect your most vital body part, your head. Brain injuries are the principal cause of death in motorcyclists. A full-face helmet should be worn by every motorbike commuter to protect his or her entire head.

Full-face helmets of reputable brands like ILM not only ensure protection for your head but also minimize noise while providing advanced Bluetooth communication.

For added convenience, you can wear a flip-up or modular helmet like the Bell Broozer and the Ls2 strobe, which are designed to provide full-face protection with the comfort of an open-face helmet. However, they are not as safe as full-face helmets.

You can also wear an open-face helmet such as Sena cavalry with a nice pair of goggles. It comes with a low-profile visor that not only prevents wind and dust from getting into the rider’s eyes but also provides a clear view ahead.

Don’t forget to look for stickers indicating that a manufacturer met the DOT’s minimum safety standards for a motorcycle helmet.

Jackets and pants

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While riding, jackets, and pants are among the most important pieces of protective clothing. A well-made motorcycle jacket has body armor to protect you against road rash and will protect your bones and internal organs as well.

Similarly, motorcycle pants are made of a thick material to resist abrasion and road rash in case of a collision with the pavement.

To ensure better ventilation and a comfortable ride in hot weather, combine a motorbike mesh jacket with good-quality summer riding pants that have zippered vents.

Motorcycle Riding Gloves

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Wearing the right size motorcycle gloves is the next thing you need to protect your hands and fingers without restricting your hand movement, which is essential for controlling your motorcycle.

A simple yet classy cruiser leather glove is best for street riding. However, if you are in adventure and sports riding, you’ll need a gauntlet glove that has knuckles in the fingers and additional leather strengthened in the palm and wrist for greater protection.

Motorcycle Boots

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To balance the weight of the bike, you’ll need motorcycle boots that provide sufficient ankle support. Motorcycle boots, such as O’neal rider boots, are designed to improve grip on the bike and reduce the chance of twisting or fracturing your foot or ankle in the event of an accident.

You can also select waterproof motorcycle boots, such as Forma adventure boots, to keep your feet dry and safe if you ride mostly in rainy weather.

Boot sizes vary from brand to brand and style to style, wearing the right size adventure boot will make your ride more comfortable, and you feel more confident while riding. But make sure your motorcycle boot fits your foot snugly. There should be no excessive movement between your foot and the boot.

Other Protective Clothing

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Wearing motorcycle goggles is also necessary since they protect your eyes from bugs, dust, and other road debris. If you don’t use goggles, you risk hurting your eyes, and the wind and dust cause poor visibility and make riding difficult.

Also, use earplugs to protect your hearing while riding. Even simple earplugs will suffice. They may not eliminate traffic noise completely, but they do lessen the wind noise, which is one of the main causes of hearing loss for motorcycle riders. To enhance your riding experience further, you can also wear one of the quietest motorcycle helmets available.

Knee braces are also recommended, especially if you want to ride motocross or dirt bikes, as they protect your knee bones from strong impact.


When you choose to ride a motorbike, you take control of your own life and safety. You are seated on top of an open-air two-wheeled vehicle, and unless you are wearing protective gear, you have no protection in the event of an accident. With the right safety gear, you can truly enjoy the thrill of riding while keeping your skin on your body.

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